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Tenga Flip Zero (Best Stroker for under $100)

Rating: 96/100

Tenga Flip Zero Best manual masturbator sex toys for men

The Tenga Flip Zero is an amazing contraption and one of the best sex toys for men. The internal structure is incredible in feeling and in detail. We love the fact that this opens to clean and dry. The only downside of this device is that it does not fit those with an above average penis girth. On the bright side, it works wonders on those with a below average penis girth. The pressure pads on the sides allow you to adjust pressure around your penis while having something rigid to hold on to.

The Flip Zero is an upgraded design of the Tenga Flip Hole. The biggest changes are the pressure pad design and internal texture changes to give even more sensation while using. Furthermore, the design is sealed to create a vacuum effect and keep the lube inside. Looking for something more stimulating, check out our vibrating stroker recommendations and you will find the Tenga Flip Zero Electric.

Tenga Flip Zero internal structure

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (Best Manual Blowjob Stroker)

Rating: 96/100

fleshlight turbo thrust masturbator

The Turbo Thrust is our top pick for blow job experience for a manual stroker largely due to the amazing feel and the ability to adjust the suction experience by loosening/tightening the end cap. These sleeves are made in the USA and there is something about the turbos over the original Fleshlights that just feels better. The texture isn’t overly stimulating similar to a mouth. However, it lacks the physical appearance of a mouth but makes up for it and more with it performance. Similarly, like other Fleshlight products the quality is great and they are easy to clean. If you are looking for an upgraded experience, checkout our recommended accessories and auto masturbators.

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Keon Kiiroo & Feeler Stroker (Best Overall Auto Masturbator)

Rating: 96/100

Kiiroo Keon Best auto masturbator male sex toy

For those who prefer your penis to go in and out of the sleeve, this is the sex toy for you. An Auto stroker with interchangeable sleeves. Very similar to Fleshlight, Kiiroo has a Feel Good line of strokers that can be used with the Keon for auto stroking. The great thing about the Keon is that Fleshlight sleeves are compatible. So, options are endless with all the different models you can choose from between Fleshlight and Kiiroo. We especially like the feature of having this stroke the entire penis using friction to simulate intercourse with your option of textures.

Kiiroo has been releasing their Feelstars line modeled after real models for additional internal textures. In addition, these can be used manually or with the Keon. Again like all Kiiroo products this is fully interactive with compatible VR videos for simulated intercourse between you and your virtual partner. The Keon although appearing slightly big is a great design for ergonomics and makes handling this unit very easy while maintaining a good grip. The material used feels really good, a good substitute for the real thing. With speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute, it is plenty quick. Stroke length is also easily controlled for an even better experience. This is the best sex toy for men for VR.

  • Connects to your partners Kiiroo toy
  • Syncs to 3D/VR interactive videos
  • Interacts with 2D videos
  • Interactive webcam performers
  • USB chargeable

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Bathmate Hydromax7 X30 (Best Penis Pump)

Rating: 97/100

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x30 best hydro penis pump sex toys for men

The Bathmate Hydromax7 X30 series pumps have outstanding performance. The Hydromax series uses hydro technology instead of an air pump. This method outperforms any air penis pump and is about 250% more efficient than air pumps. With this newest model, the seal is more comfortable, can swivel, and change angles to accommodate your position. A Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for a single water filling for use. The bellows pump system has also been improved for better efficiency, that not only gets better results, but also provides results faster. Bathmate makes penis pumps for all sizes, they are one of few manufactures who specially design a pump for a micro penis. Manufactured in the UK.

For Penis 5″ – 7″ Long

For Penis 3″ – 5″ Long

For Penis 7″ – 9″ Long

For Penis 1″ – 3″ Long

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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential (Best Overall Vibrating Manual Stroker) (Best Toy for Erectile Disfunction/Flaccid Use)

Rating: 96/100

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential best vibrating masturbator sex toys for men
erectile disfunction premature ejaculation

This thing is the real deal. Vibrating toys don’t really do it for me but this brings something incredibly different to the table. Instead of traditional vibrations, the Pulse Solo uses PulsePlate technology to stimulate the penis. Above all, you can use it flaccid or erect, making it a great tool for erectile disfunction. This is due to the winged design that requires no force to put your penis in it. In addition, the winged design also holds the device in place when you have an erection for some hand free enjoyment. The Pulse Solo can be thrusted manually if desired. It has plenty of options with its 8 frequencies and 5 different patterns.

The Pulse Solo is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof. In addition, the winged design has one more benefit, the open design makes this one of the easiest and quickest toys to clean, simply run under the faucet with a little soap and let it dry which also is quick. Hot Octopuss makes some amazing innovative sex toys, we like their quality and ingenuity that results in some of the best sex toys for men.

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Lelo: Tor 2 (Best Cock Ring)

Rating: 96/100

Lelo tor 2 best vibrating cock ring sex toys for men

The Tor 2 is all about pleasure for couples, it does this by doubling the external vibrations of similar models so the women can enjoy the experience just as much as the man wearing it. The 6 vibration settings are easy to control and it has a comfortable and secure fit that is a one size fits all. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter, USB chargeable, silicone, and has a 1 year warranty. In conclusion, Lelo is a leader in best sex toys for men.

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Thor Remote Control Prostate Massager (Best Prostate Massager)

Rating 97/100

Thor is highly recommended. This device sets the bar high for prostate massagers. The hands free design, shape, and fit are perfect even before turning it on. The 360 degree P-spot head has three speeds and gives the ideal amount of pressure on the P-spot as it turns. In addition, the vibration has an unprecedented 16 modes that targets the perineum. These two actions at the same time is how Thor gives mind-blowing prostate orgasms over and over again. The wireless controller is a must have for easily controlling the device to adjust the settings with ease to the moment.

Thor is waterproof for easy cleanup and is made of silicone. The quality is top notch and comes with a 1 year full warranty for a replacement and an unheard-of 5 year guarantee that grants you 50% reimbursement with store credit towards a replacement device if your device fails. Therefore, this is what makes Thor by Giddi one of the best sex toys for men for prostate massagers.

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Tenga Easy Beat Eggs (Best One-Time Use Masturbator)

Rating: 94/100

Tenga Easy Beat Eggs best disposable one time use manual masturbator sex toys for men

These things are amazing. These eggs seem small but pack a big punch and truly are a one size fits all. They are intended for one time use, no more cleaning toys. However, some clean them and reuse them a few times to get the best bang for your buck. There is a variety to of unique textures to try. We highly recommend the Easy Beat Egg 6 pack to try them out. Once you have established your preferences, they can be bought individually. Additionally, these are great for traveling, as they are very compact and discreet. Each egg even includes a small pack of lubricant. These eggs are made in Japan and the quality is excellent for the price. Furthermore, the material used is TPE and very lifelike.

Tenga Easy Beat Eggs best disposable one time use manual masturbator sex toys for men


sex toy rating
realdoll sex doll
  • Silicone
  • Customizable (Vagina, mouth, boobs, skin tone, hair, eyes, body size, pubic hair, etc..)
  • App enabled via Bluetooth (optional)
  • Metal skeleton with movable joints
  • Vaginal, anal, and mouth sex possible
  • Feels like real skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in USA

Onyx + by Kiiroo (Best Compact Auto Masturbator)

Rating: 93/100

Kiiroo Onyx+ best compact auto masturbator sex toys for men

We choose Onyx+ as one of our top picks for its ability to sync with VR videos. You feel what you see. This is an amazing intercourse simulator that won’t disappoint. It has 10 contracting rings that move up and down to simulate intercourse using an impressive skin like internal sleeve that feels very close to the real thing. Therefore, this is a model that we would recommend to those who like all the bells and whistles.

Kiiroo specializes in innovative products. Similarly, like other Kiiroo products, the Onyx+ syncs to other Kiiroo toys for simulated sex with a partner remotely. The Onyx+ also syncs to compatible videos and chat rooms to feel what is happening on screen. This is how the cost is justified in our opinion, especially with VR porn, this really does the trick. Additionally, it is also very discreet with a quite motor and very easy to clean. Due to its small size it is great for traveling and one hand use. In conclusion, the Onyx+ is a great sex toy from the ground up and is one of the best sex toys for men.

Kiiroo Onyx+ best compact auto masturbator sex toys for men
Oynx+ by KIIROO
  • Connects to your partners Kiiroo toy
  • Syncs to 3D/VR interactive videos
  • interacts with 2D videos
  • interactive webcam performers
  • USB chargeable

B-Vibe Rimming Plug (Best Vibrating Butt Plug)

Rating: 94/100

B Vibe Rimming Plug Best sex toys for men vibrating butt plug anal toy

The rimming action of the beads make this one a top pick in our book. The rimming action has its own motor and the vibration at the tip has 6 intensity settings for each of its 6 vibrating patterns. It comes equip with a wireless remote, which is a must for any powered anal toy. It can be controlled without the remote if you prefer. This device is splash proof and rated for shower use making it easy to clean. The Vibrator is located at the tip for max enjoyment. It is USB chargable and made of body safe seamless silicone.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload Starter Anal Kit

Rating 95/100

This items are great for beginners. All these items are great individually and can be purchased individually. However, there is significant savings buying the kit if you are interested in more than one item. We like the 50 Shades line, we were skeptical at first that they were using the name to sell sub par toys, but they do give the name justice in selling quality items.

Fifty shades of grey pleasure overload starter anal kit sex toy  men anal toys butt plug anal beads

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Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight

Rating: 92/100

The Quickshot Launch is Fleshlight’s auto stroker option. This is a great device with some good advantages over it’s competitors. First off , Quickshots are also intended for manual stroking without the Launch. Furthermore, the phone holder is a great perk. Keeping the view right in front of you, close up, and hands free makes a big difference in experience. Additionally, the Launch also comes with equipped handles for great ergonomics.

The Quickshot heads have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally I like the feel of my penis being completely within a masturbator, with the Quickshot you don’t get this. On the other hand, having your head of your penis not get stimulated 100% of the stroke allows for you to last longer and provides some stamina training. The feel is just as amazing as the original Fleshlight strokers and much easier to clean. Additionally, the Quickshots are not that pricey either, so it makes it more justifiable to get a few different textures for different experiences. The Launch is speed adjustable and can go as fast as 250 strokes/minute. Furthermore, we really like what Fleshlight did with the stroke options. You are able to adjust which part of the penis you want stimulated (base, shaft, head, or entire length).

Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight auto masturbator sex toy

Britney by Tantaly

sex toy rating
britney by tantaly
  • TPE
  • Multiple skin tones
  • Vaginal and anal sex possible
  • Realistic 7″ vaginal closed end tunnel
  • Realistic 6.2″ anal closed end tunnel
  • Closed end tunnels for suction
  • Realistic boobs for boob play
  • Adjustable metal skeleton for multiple positions
  • 32B cup size
  • 30lbs
sex doll pussy

Rosie by Tantaly

Best Sex toy rating
life size sex doll torso big ass by tantaly
  • TPE
  • Life sized
  • Multiple skin tones
  • Vaginal and anal sex possible
  • Realistic 6″ vaginal closed end tunnel
  • Realistic 5.1″ anal closed end tunnel
  • Closed end tunnels for suction
  • 34lbs
sex doll pussy

Tenga Spinner Stroker (Best Naturally Spinning Stroker)

Rating: 94/100

Tenga tetra spinner manual masturbator

The Tenga Spinner is innovative in that there is a built in inner coil that makes the stroker spin as you are stroking. This obviously has a positive sensational effect that will leave you craving for more. Similarly, they do have more, currently the spinner product line has 6 different textures. The material is of good quality made in Japan and is reusable. Additionally, the price point is reasonable for its pleasuring ability and is a great addition to any mans stroker collection. In conclusion, our preference is that this is a secondary stroker in the toybox unless of course you get the whole set.

Lelo: Billy 2

Rating: 94/100

lelo billy 2 prostate massager handheld manual vibrator dildo

Billy 2 is Lelo’s most affordable prostate massager but don’t let that stray you. It’s one job is to stimulate the P-spot (equivalent of a women’s G-spot). The shape of this vibe is meant to do just that and paired with Lelo’s powerful yet quiet motors. In addition, it uses a ultra soft premium silicone for comfort and to be body safe. The vibration functions include 8 pleasure settings the send sonic vibrations to your most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure. Furthermore, it is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Doc Johnson Doc Johnson Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator (Best Open Ended Masturbator under $30)

Rating: 92/100

The Sasha Grey 2 Fuckhole Masturbator is another great value. This model is open on both ends (vagina & ass), so there is no suction experience. The material is Doc Johnson’s Ultraskyn which has a great resemblance to the real thing. We especially like the grip design on this model. No hard case, allows you to control the pressure around your penis. This product is also made in the USA. In conclusion, we highly recommend this product based on its value and material feel.

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pussy Ass Masturbator best sex toys for men

We-Vibe Ditto

Rating: 93/100

We Vibe Ditto vibrating anal sex toy

The Ditto has all the bells and whistles in an anal vibe. Wireless controller, App controlled, USB rechargeable, silicone, quiet, and 100% waterproof. It is soft, flexible, and comfortable. The Ditto has 10 vibration modes for maximum enjoyment.

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