Best Butt Plug : 2022 Reviews

Why you should consider getting a butt plug? Well some people like them, some people don’t. They can give both men and women orgasms. Vibrating butt plugs stimulate the prostate in males and the a-spot or g-spot in females. There are additional safety measures one must apply when using butt plugs. First and foremost, lube is required and should be used liberally. Second, sanitation is even more important then with other toys for obvious reasons. Third, butt plugs should be avoided if you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or a prostate condition.

Our Top Picks:

Njoy Pure Wand Double Ended Steel Dildo

Rating 97/100

We love the Pure Wand for it’s beauty and shape. The curve allows you to target the g spot or p spot. Furthermore, the ends are two different sizes for your desire, 1″ & 1 1/2″. Additionally the medical grade stainless steel body makes it excellent for both hot and cold temperature play. The wand is very smooth and slips in with such ease. With stainless steel cleaning methods are endless and the smooth design makes cleaning throughly a breeze.

njoy pure wand best stainless steel anal dildo

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload Starter Anal Kit

Rating 95/100

These items are great for beginners at an affordable price. All these items are great individually and can be purchased individually. However, there is significant savings buying the kit if you are interested in more than one item. All in all, we like the 50 Shades line, we were skeptical at first that they were using the name to sell sub par toys, but they do give the name justice in selling quality items.

Anal beginners pack butt plug vibrator anal beads fifty shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Beads

Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug 

Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug

SquarePegToys® Egg Plugs SuperSoft Silicone Butt Plugs

Rating 95/100

Intended for longterm wear, these butt plugs are incredibly comfortable. The material is some of the softest silicone we have come across. Additionally, the base fits snug and comfortable while wearing discreetly. The plugs come in 9 sizes giving you plenty of options and ideal for those into anal stretching. Furthermore, these are USA made with USA sourced silicone.

squarepeg toys silicone egg butt plugs

Njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Rating 95/100

We love the Pure Plug for it’s beauty and shape. Slightly different from the Njoy wand, the end is tapered for easier entry. We also love the handle, it gives you a good grip allowing for precision control. The curve allows you to target the g spot or p spot. Furthermore, the weight of the plug is often preferred due to the feeling of it’s presence. Additionally the medical grade stainless steel body makes it excellent for both hot and cold temperature play. The plug is very smooth and slips in with such ease. With stainless steel cleaning methods are endless and the smooth design makes cleaning throughly a breeze. Lastly, it is available in three sizes for you preferred fit.

njoy pure wand metal butt plug

Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

Rating 94/100

Twisted love glass dildo has a variety of benefits that users can’t get enough of. First, you have two unique ends. Second, the twisting texture is smooth yet pleasurable. One thing we like about the twisted texture is that you can rotate the toy and thread it into and out of you. You are really screwing yourself, it is a very pleasurable feeling that only can be replicated with the twisted texture. Furthermore, with it being glass temperature play is an option. The short end is designed for back door fun whereas the long end is ideal for both vaginal and anal. Additionally, the long end has a slight curve to allow you to target the g spot or p spot.

adam and eve twisted glass dildo

Intro To Prostate Kit

Rating 93/100

Featuring (4) unique toys, this prostate kit is perfect for beginners. All the toys are great for starters and are silicone. The set really let’s you experience prostate stimulation from different angles. Beads and plug for basic stimulation, then a wand for vibration sensations that allows you to better target the p-spot. Lastly, a larger plug with a penis ring for stimulation during sex. We are really impressed with this set due to its variety, a good pick for sure.

intro to prostate masturbation kit

Satisfyer Booty Call Butt Plugs

Rating 93/100

Backed by a 15 year product protection guarantee by Satisfyer and made of super soft medical grade silicone this set is a pleaser. This is a great set for beginners due to its smaller size and the different textures can help determine your preferred type of anal toys should you decide to upgrade. Additionally, this model is also available in black.

Satisfyer booty call silicone Butt plugs

Oxballs Ergo Super Soft Silicone Butt Plug

Rating 93/100

Another great option for longterm wear, Oxballs butt plugs are extremely soft and all around comfortable to wear. They come in 5 sizes and made of silicone. These are a wonderful choice for stretching. These butt plugs have a kidney shape that is very ergonomic for insertion and wearing.

oxballs ergo silicone butt plugs

Adam & Eve Glass Anal Training Trio

Rating 93/100

Glass toys are great for temperature play. These particular toys are made of tempered glass and can be cleaned in a variety of ways including the dishwasher. We love these glass toys because they are good for temperature play at a fraction of the cost as metal toys. They are extremely easy to clean and out live most other toys.

beginner glass anal training dildo

A**-Gasm Penis Ring Plug

Rating 92/100

A great combination toy for those who like to wear a plug during sex. This silicone plug as a cock ring attached to keep you hard and pleasure your prostate simultaneously.

anal cock ring silicone plug

b-Vibe Snug Plug Weighted Silicone Butt Plugs

Rating 92/100

Another great option for longterm wear is the Snug Plug. The biggest benefit with these plugs are that they are weighted, giving you that feeling full experience while wearing them. Additionally, they come in 6 sizes for your preference and stretching. The plug is made of seamless silicone for your comfort that encompasses the weights in the center. These are not as soft as the softest plugs out there but are at a level in which they are comfortable to wear and have a flexible design to move with your body.

b-vibe weighted silicone butt plug

Satisfyer Love Beads Anal Beads

Rating 92/100

Another great product by Satisfyer for those looking for anal beads. Backed by a 15 year warranty by Satisfyer and made of super soft medical grade silicone this set is a pleaser. It is a great set for beginners due to the shapes of each of the two include beads. Furthermore, the different shapes and textures can help determine your preferred type of anal toys should you decide to upgrade to larger beads.

satisfyer best anal beads

Booty Sparks Gem Anal Plug

Rating 92/100

This beauty comes in (3) sizes and selectable gem color. Metal plugs are amazing for cold and hot temperature play, and this plug can be easily concealed. It is made of a nickel free aluminum alloy, so you don’t get the weight effect of stainless steel plugs but you still get the benefit of temperature play.

gem anal plug temperature 

Tantus Little Flirt Butt Plug

Rating: 92/100

The Little flirt is a nice small butt plug. The nose has a 1/2″ diameter and the shaft only reaches a max of 1″ in diameter. Furthermore, this is great for beginners to test out anal toys to see if it is something they would like to pursue and for those who just like a little something down below. Additionally, the base allows you to sit on it for east insertion and there is no way this thing will get sucked up your anus. It is made of body safe silicone, so the cleaning options are vast. Bleach, boiling, and machine wash are all options for cleaning.

Tantus small silicone butt plug

Adam & Eve Jelly Backdoor Training Kit

Rating 91/100

With this training kit you get a penis shape plug. What we like best about this particular kit is that it pushes you a little more than other kits. Many other kits start around 1″ diameter whereas this kit starts out at 1.25″. Furthermore, the largest in many other kits is 1.5″ whereas this kit’s largest is 2″. Unlike many other plugs where the shaft tapers back down, the penis shape shaft holds firm filling you up a bit more. The penis head is also more pleasureable for gentle stoking. Additionally, the base is a suction cup for hands free fun. The material is a jelly material used for Adam&Eve brand toys, so it is body safe.

jelly anal training kit penis shape butt plug

Sassy Anal Beads

Rating 91/100

A good beginner set of anal beads. These beads are made of ABS, a great material for hard toys. It is non porous and easy to clean. We like this set for the size of it’s beads. The first bead is only 1/4″ in diameter so it really just starts you out so small it is a tease. In all there are 10 beads with the largest being 1″ in diameter. This let’s even a beginner to be able to work their way up with practice.

ABS best anal beads

Adam & Eve Booty Camp Training Kit

Rating 90/100

This is a great training kit that gives you the bear necessities to work up to anal sex. The great. Thing we love about this kit is the bases are suction cups. This allows for handfree use with ease for a more pleasureable experience. Max diameters of these silicone plugs are 1.1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″.

best training kit anal plugs

Dr. Joel Kaplan Ultimate Prostate Stimulator

Rating: 90/100

This is a great toy for beginners who would like to try a prostate stimulator. Furthermore, it is a very good design for comfort and performance and made of body safe silicone. This toy lets you test the water of prostate massage without investing a whole lot for something you are unsure of.

beginner prostate massager

Silicone Prostate Probe

Rating 89/100

A great for those looking for a non vibrating silicone probe. Generally, glass is preferred for this style, but for those opting out of glass, this is a fine choice. It provides a solid silicone probe with textures to stimulate the prostate. We really recommend this toy for those who don’t like temperature play, as glass and steel feel cold going in. It is also flexible to contour more to your body. Furthermore, it is longer than most at 7.75″ of insertable length for deeper penetration.

prostate wand probe adult sex toy

Adam & Eve 4 Piece Anal Plug Kit

Rating 88/100

A non silicone option, these TPE plugs are safe, smooth, firm, yet flexible. We like the choices of shape for the set as it gives slot of variety. It’s great for starters, yet has plugs that push the limits for beginners once they grow accustomed to the smaller models. A great kit for sure that has good quality at an affordable price.

TPE smooth beginner butt plug kit

Crystal Jellies Anal Starter

Rating 86/100

Jelly toys can be great, they feel amazing but we tend to approach with caution due to worries about how body safe it is. This model is made by a reputable manufacturer Doc Johnson and manufactured in the USA, so we are very comfortable using this model. This keeps the price really low and still provides a great experience. We liked the natural penis texture as it has no real pattern and feels different throughout it’s length. We only recommend this toy for starters, it will have a shorter lifespan then most toys but is made to let you try something new for a fraction of the cost.

Doc Johnson Jelly anal dildo made in USA

CalExotics Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit – 3 Butt Plugs for Anal Training

Rating 85/100

A good basic starter set. Everything is pretty standard in shape in design. Features plugs at 1″, 1 1/4″, and 1 1/2″. Additionally all plugs a satin finished seamless silicone.

butt plugs anal exercise kit calexotics
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