Best Penis Pumps

Sextual health is very important, that is why we would like to draw attention to penis pumps. Penis pumps like our highly recommended model below are great penis enhancers for enhancing sexual health. Penis pumps do enlarge your penis both in length and girth. More importantly, they also help circulate blood flow, minimize erectile dysfunction, and end premature ejaculation. This leads to longer stronger erections which then leads to better sexual experiences for you and your partner. As a result stronger climaxes and orgasms are likely. Due note, increased penis size is temporary, and benefits last from several minutes to a few hours. New pumpers will last for a shorter duration than veteran pumpers. It is recommended that new pumpers use the pump about 1 hour before sex. Reasons users like penis pumps for erectile dysfunction are because it is a safer and cheaper alternative to medications. Some pumps are also covered by some insurance companies for those with medical conditions.

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Our Top Picks

Bathmate Hydromax7 X30 (Best Penis Pumps)

Rating: 97/100

Bathmate Hydromax best penis pump

The Bathmate Hydromax7 X30 series pumps have outstanding performance. The Hydromax series uses hydro technology instead of an air pump. This method outperforms any air penis pump and is about 250% more efficient than air pumps. The Hydromax 7 is the successor of the world’s best selling penis enlargement device (Hydro 7) which boasts a 95% success rate. Results will very from minimal to an extra 3 inches to 40% increase in girth. With this newest model, the seal is more comfortable, can swivel, and change angles to accommodate your position. Furthermore, a Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for a single water filling for use. In addition, the bellows pump system has also been improved for better efficiency, that not only gets better results, but also provides results faster. Bathmate makes penis pumps for all sizes, they are one of few manufactures who specially design a pump for a micro penis. Manufactured in the UK.

For Penis 5″ – 7″ Long

For Penis 3″ – 5″ Long

For Penis 7″ – 9″ Long

For Penis 1″ – 3″ Long

Shower Strap for Bathmate pumps

Bathmate Hydro7 Hydropump (Hercules) (Best Value Penis Pump)

Rating: 94/100

bathmate hydro7 hydropump hercules

The Bathmate Hydro (Hercules) is the predecessor of the Bathmate Hydromax series. Hercules is a fine pump and much better than air pumps with a 250% better efficiency. The Hydro 7 is the world’s best selling penis enlargement device and boasts a 95% success rate. Results will very from minimal to an extra 2 inches to 40% increase in girth. Its designed to work in the bath or shower. Upgrades that this older model is lacking is upgrades to its bellow pup for easier use, the seal at the base is also more comfortable and accommodating to different positions in the Hydromax series. Additionally, the Hydromax is capable of an additional 35% suction force than the Hydro. The benefit of the Hydro is its price point, coming in at roughly $40 less than the Hydromax. If you are looking to be a regular user I would go with the Hydromax. For occasional users the Hydro is the model we would recommend.

Paloqueth Penis Pump (Most Affordable Penis Pump)

Rating: 90/100

Paloqueth cheap penis pump

The Penis Pump by Paloqueth is a great option for a more affordable option compared to premium pumps. We liked this particular pump because the quality exceeds expectations at the price point they sell it at. In addition, the included sleeve is a great addition to make the pump a more pleasurable experience. Furthermore, the suction and sleeve together create a blowjob like sensation that is nice but nothing over the top. The Paloqueth pump has 4 suction intensities to let you start out easy and work your way up. We like that this model is digital, it automatically maintains a set pressure while you set back and relax and enjoy the experience. Releasing the pressure is easy, a simple activation of the release valve and your penis is free to go show itself off. Furthermore, the Paloqueth pump is also USB rechargeable.

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