Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is a device inserted into the anal cavity to stimulate the prostate. Most prostate massagers operate in one of two ways, vibration or a moving finger like method that applies pressure to the area of the prostate referred to as the P-spot, a males equivalent to the women’s g-spot. It is a highly sensitive gland that helps propel semen when you ejaculate, it also produces your seminal fluid and if stimulated can make you have a prostate orgasm. A prostate stimulator comes in a variety of styles, they can be hands free with or without remotes for easy use, they can be similar to a handheld vibrator or dildo. Choosing the the right prostate toy is largely based on your desires and how you want to maintain control.

Prostate massagers are becoming more accepted in todays culture. Apart, from pleasurable experiences that prostate stimulation achieves, there are also health benefits. Studies have shown a reduction in prostate cancer for those who regularly stimulate their prostate. Furthermore, it can help treat ED, painful ejaculation, and improve urine flow. provides very good insight about prostate massage, orgasms, techniques, and health benefits.

How to use a prostate massager and how to have a prostate orgasm largely depends on the prostate toy you choose. Thus, you should consult the directions. However, the basic concept is same for most models. Use the recommend type of lube for your toy, slowly insert, and slowly increase the speed or sensitivity settings. For a more pleasant experience, warm your device and lube. Achieving prostate orgasms can take time and practice as it is not easily accomplished. But, once you have figured it out it becomes much easier to replicate.

Our Top Picks

Thor Remote Control Prostate Massager (Best Prostate Massager)

Rating 97/100

Thor is a highly recommended prostate massager. This device sets the bar high for prostate stimulation. The hands free design, shape, and fit are perfect even before turning it on. The 360 degree P-spot head has three speeds and gives the ideal amount of pressure on the P-spot as it turns. In addition, the vibration has an unprecedented 16 modes that targets the perineum. These two actions at the same time is how Thor gives a mind-blowing prostate orgasm over and over again. The wireless controller is a must have for easily controlling the device to adjust the settings with ease to the moment.

Thor is waterproof for easy cleanup and is made of silicone. The quality is top notch and comes with a 1 year full warranty for a replacement and an unheard-of 5 year guarantee that grants you 50% reimbursement with store credit towards a replacement device if your device fails. Therefore, this is what makes Thor by Giddi one of the best sex toys for men for prostate massagers.

Tomo II Remote Control Prostate Stimulator

Rating 95/100

The Tomo II is another outstanding device. This prostate stimulator supports 3 come hither speeds that stimulate the prostate with the perfect amount of pressure. Couple these movements with 9 powerful vibration modes targeting the perineum and you have an amazing hands free orgasm machine. On top of all these features it is hands free in design. Made of silicone and waterproof for easy cleaning this device comes with a 1 year warranty for a replacement device at no cost. Giddi, the makers of Tomo II stand by their product and also have a 5 year guarantee should the product fail after the warranty period. This guarantee grants you 50% of the original purchase price to use towards a replacement device.

Lelo: Hugo (Best Vibration Only Prostate Vibrator)

Rating: 95/100

lelo hugo vibrating prostate massager

Hugo is a vibrating prostate massager that is made of silicone and sculped to please with its hands-free shape. Additionally, Hugo has a remote control for easy controls by you or your partner, two powerful motors that have incredible strength, and its medium size is a great fit for most adventurers. Lelo makes incredible products with outstanding quality and performance. They are amongst are most preferred manufactures of sex toys. Hugo is one of their best selling prostate vibrators, and for good reason. Hugo lives up to the high standards consumers expect from Lelo products. 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and USB rechargeable.

For a more affordable prostate toy, check out Lelo’s Bruno. In short, the biggest difference is this option has no remote.

Lelo: Billy 2

Rating: 94/100

lelo billy 2 handheld prostate massager

Billy 2 is Lelo’s most affordable prostate massager but don’t let that stray you. It’s one job is to stimulate the P-spot (equivalent of a women’s G-spot). The shape of this vibe is meant to do just that and with Lelo’s powerful yet quiet motors it is a real winner. Additionally, this prostate vibrator uses a ultra soft premium silicone for comfort and to be body safe. The vibration functions include 8 pleasure settings the send sonic vibrations to your most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure. It is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Another option very similar to Billy 2 is Lelo’s Loki, this is an older similar model that is a bestselling prostate toy.

Lelo: Loki Wave

Rating: 94/100

Lelo Loki Wave Handheld Prostate Massager

Loki Wave is Lelo’s model with a “come hither” motion. When it comes to prostate massager’s we feel the “come hither” motion is superior over vibrations. Don’t get us wrong both are great. The Loki Wave lives up to what you would expect from A Lelo toy. This prostate stimulator is not hands-free but allows you to better control the position. If you are looking for a hands free prostate vibrator we highly recommend products by Giddi also in our reviews, they offer hands-free options with and without remotes. Lastly, the Loki wave has 10 pleasure settings, ultra soft premium silicone, 100% waterproof, and USB rechargeable.

Tomo Come Hither Prostate Massager

Rating 90/100

The only major difference between the Tomo and Tomo II is the Tomo does not have the wireless remote for easy controls. The Tomo’s performance is the same and we would recommend this product to those who want a quality toy at a discounted price and don’t mind having the control settings out of sight.

Ella Paradis Silicone Perineum Tickler (Best Low Cost Vibrating Prostate Massager)

Rating: 88/100

Silicone Perineum Tickler

This Tickler is a great prostate stimulator for someone looking for a low cost prostate toy. Its a great value and simple in design. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the premium brands but it is only a fraction of the price. It’s a great option for beginners since it is low in cost and comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Lastly, it has 10 vibration levels and is battery operated.

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