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Our Top Picks: Sex Doll Torso Reviews

Candice: 43LB Life Sized Realistic Sex Doll Torso(Top Pick With Boobs)

Rating: 96/100

This is our top overall pick for sex doll torso, I prefer having a nice set of boobs over a full set of legs. Candice is life sized and feels amazing. In addition, the material is very life like and easy to clean. Her skin texture is complete with realistic features including goosebumps. Candice’s boobs have silicone implants for a realistic feel and even sag a little like real boobs. She also has an internal skeleton system for support. Candice has boobs big enough for breast sex and a great ass making her one of our best sex toys for men.

Candice by tantaly best torso sex doll with boobs
torso sex doll tunnels vagina and anal

Stacy 105cm 63.71 lbs Sexy Legs (Top Pick Pick With Legs)

Rating 96/100

Stacy is life size and includes full legs with a steel skeleton for adjusting her to all your favorite positions. Furthermore, her material is top quality and very realistic. Stacy is a great sex doll for doggy style and any position you need her legs as leverage.

Stacy sex doll with legs

Lacy 110cm 49.38lbs White Lace Curvy Legs

Rating: 96/100

Lacy is another great torso/leg doll of top quality. She has a steel skeleton in her legs for stability and mechanical joints to experience different positions.

Lacy sex doll with legs

Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll (Best Value With Boobs)

Rating: 95/100

This is a preferred pick for many consumers. It is a great value due to it being slightly smaller than life size but not too much that it is unrealistic. Additionally, the boobs are a perfect size to have sex with and have silicone implants for a near realistic feel. These boobs even sag that they are so close to the real thing. The firmness of this product is spot on and the texture of the skin in very realistic, complete with goosebumps. The ass and vagina canals have different textures with the ass being tighter. Britney, comes complete with a meatal skeleton for support.

Brittany by Tantaly Best Sex Doll with boobs Cheap sex Doll
Sex doll fuckable boobs breast sex
Ass and Vagina  realistic canals

Louise: 24.25LB Doggy Style Life Size Realistic Sex Doll (Best Value Without Boobs)

Rating: 94/100

Torso Sex Dolls from Tantaly are the real deal. Amazing quality, feel, and the look is outstanding. Furthermore, Louise is a great pick due to her being life sized with an average figure. This is a great pick if you are willing to sacrifice boobs and a full set of legs. In doing so, this models is the most affordable life sized model we recommend. Additionally, Lousie has a tight ass and vagina compared to other models.

Lousie by Tantaly Best sex doll torso
Anal and pussy realistic

Rosie: 34.17LB Big Ass Realistic Sex doll (Top Pick For Big Ass)

Rating: 94/100

Looking for a life sized big ass model? Rosie is your girl. This option packs an extra 10 lbs than the similar Lousie model. Unfortunately, due to the extra size it does cost more, but it is worth every penny to thrust up against a big soft ass.

Rosie Big Ass Sex Doll
Sex Doll ass
ass and pussy realistic

Check out Eva for an even bigger butt and flexible thighs for adjusting her to different positions.

Aurora: Full Size Doggy Style With Big Boobs(53LB )

Rating: 94/100

Aurora has more to give with her metal skeleton with mechanical joints. Furthermore, you can bend her waist, hips and legs in realistic positions to fuck her in missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors styles. This feature allows her to please you more than standard models.

doggie style torso sex doll
vagina and ass sex doll

Cecilia: Doggy Style Intense Stimulation (19.84LB) (Top Pick Budget Model Without Boobs)

Rating: 93/100

Cecilia is a great pick for someone trying to save money. She has the same great quality as other models from Tantaly but she is slightly smaller than life size making her lighter and therefore cheaper. Additionally, the texture within her vagina is superb and is truly a pleaser.

cheap torso sex doll
vaginal entrance anal entrance realistic sex doll

Scarlett: 15.14LB Big Boobs Mini Sex Doll for Male Masturbation (Top Pick Budget Model With Boobs)

Rating: 92/100

Scarlett is a great pick if you are looking for something compact without giving up a nice set of boobs. in addition, she is light enough to be used as a stroker and has all the great quality aspects as similar models. Her lower rating is primarily driven by her small size, her performance is similar to other models.

doggie style sex doll
ass and pussy sex doll
large and small sex dolls

Paloqueth model sold by Amazon (Lowest Cost)

Rating: 92/100

Great bang for your buck, the texture in the holes aren’t as realistic as Tantaly models and this isn’t life sized. However, for the price it is hard to not consider. Furthermore, the quality is good and the manufacturer is reputable.

70cm 18.95lbs Pleated skirt Curvy Sex Doll Legs

Rating: 92/100

This is a smaller version of torso dolls with full legs. The benefits of this model is the lower cost and it is easier to move around given its lighter weight. Additionally, she too has a steel skeleton with movable joints.

budget sex doll

Alice 14.33 lbs Curvy Sex Doll Legs

Rating: 89/100

Alice loves it from the front or the back. Furthermore, she likes when you start in her pussy and finish in her ass.

curvy sex doll

Adina 14.33 lbs Sexy Lifelike Sex Doll Butt

Rating: 89/100

Adina is perfect for someone who likes giving it from behind in both the vagina and the ass.

big butt sex doll

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