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Nipple color, eye color, skin color, pubic hair, built-in or removable vagina are all customizable for each sex doll. They also offer upgrades for mounts on the bottom of her feet and breast feel. All sex dolls have in internal steel skeleton with mechanical joints. They can be moved into your desired positions with ease. For lower costs, see our top torso picks. These offer the same great feel and quality from the naval on down. Additional cost savings for models without legs, Tantaly is highly recommended and has several options.

Our Top Picks

Samantha 157cm AA Cup Teen Sex Doll

Rating 95/100

Samantha is a perfect pick for someone looking for a slim body style. She is smaller than most, which equates to cheaper as well. This also makes her lighter so she is easier to move around than most models.

cheap sex toy

Tammy 163cm H Cup Big Boobs Sex Dolls

Rating 94/100

Tammy is our recommended pick for someone looks for a big ass and big tits and is looking for something more reasonably priced than the higher end models. There is plenty of cushion for the pushin with this doll. She likes it from the back and likes it when you have sex with her big tits. She also does ass to mouth but is shy to admit it. Tammy is one of the heaviest models, so if you are looking for something to toss around easily there are plenty of lighter options available.

  • Height: 163 cm | 5.34ft 64.17 inch
  • Weight: 50.5 kg | 111.3 lbs.

Nita 165cm Sexy Young Sex Doll

Rating: 92/100

Nita is our top pick for someone looking for someone light at a reasonable cost. Coming in at 66.13 lbs, she is one of the lightest full size dolls availible.

Height:165cm | 5ft 4.1 inch
Weight:30kg | 66.13 lbs

sexy doll

Gytha 158cm Realistic Sex Doll

Rating: 92/100

Gytha is a good value pick for someone looking for someone light and with big tits.

  • Height:158cm | 5ft 1.8 inch
  • Weight:25kg | 77.16 lbs
realistic love dol

Adeline 160cm Ebony Sex Doll

Rating: 94/100

Adeline is a nice mid size doll with big tits and a big ass. She is in the middle range for height and weight.

  • Height:160cm | 5ft 2.4 inch
  • Net Weight:39kg | 85.98 lbs
big boob sex doll

Eunice 172cm D Cup Black Sex Doll

Rating 97/100

Eunice is a premium quality doll at a more average height. She is more realistic in size with a D cup size and nice ass. WM Dolls are top notch and are our highest recommended dolls.

  • Height: 172cm | 5ft 6inch
  • Net Weight: 37.6kg | 82.89 lbs
wm doll

Dotty 172cm D Cup Life Size Sex Doll

Rating: 96/100

Dotty in another WM Doll of premium quality and a nice build. If you like detail, WM Dolls are the way to go.

  • Height: 172cm | 5ft 6inch
  • Net Weight: 37.6kg | 82.89 lbs
wm doll

Hunig 168cm Perfect Sex Doll

Rating: 92/100

Hunig is a good pick in the middle price range for someone looking for someone tall and light.

  • Height: 168cm | 5ft 5.1 inch
  • Net weight: 31.6kg | 69.66 lbs
cheap sex dolls

Orchid 165cm D Cup Lifelike Sex Dolls

Rating 92/100

Orchid is a good value doll on the taller side yet easier to toss around. A good realistic build with D cup sized tits.

  • Height: 165cm | 5.41 ft
  • Weight: 36kg | 79.36 lbs
best sex doll

Bblythe 158cm Cheap Sex Doll

Rating: 92/100

Bblythe is a good value doll who is short and skinny with huge tits.

  • Height: 158cm | 5ft 1.8 inch
  • Net weight: 34.83kg | 76.78 lbs
cheap sex dolls

Aimee 158cm B Cup Mature Milf Sex Dolls

Rating: 94/100

Check out Aimee’s ass, need I say more.

  • Height:158cm | 5ft 1.8 inch
  • Weight:41kg | 90.38 lbs
big ass black sex doll

Armani 163cm Life Size Sex Doll

Rating: 96/100

Armani is a premium doll. She has amazing quality and detailed features. Natural sized tits and butt. She is on the heavy side, so she will be more difficult to move around than other models.

  • Height: 163 cm | 5ft 3inch
  • Weight: 50.5 kg | 111.3 lbs.
sexy young realistic wm

Melissa 172cm D Cup Plus Size Sex Doll

Rating: 96/100

Melissa is a premium quality doll that is very life like.

  • Height: 172cm | 5ft 6inch
  • Net Weight: 37.6kg | 82.89 lbs
wm doll cheap love doll

Diviya 173cm H Cup BBW Doll

Rating: 96/100

Looking for a quality BBW Doll, look no further. Diviya is top quality with humongous tits, thighs, and ass. The only thing she doesn’t have is your dick.

  • Height: 173cm | 5ft 6.7inch
  • Net Weight: 45kg | 99.2 lbs
bbw big boobs doll wm dolls

Sarah 166cm C Cup Real Love Doll

Rating: 94/100

Sarah has a great natural build. She is a good pick looking for a naturally proportionate doll.

  • Height: 166 cm | 5.44ft 65.35 inch
  • Weight: 33 kg | 72.75 lbs.
blonde doll

Nina 157cm AA Cup Best Skin Doll

Rating: 94/100

Oh Nina. Our top pick for a doll with small tits. She is so lifelike, its amazing.

small realistic sex dolls

Blanche 166cm C Cup Sexy Doll

Rating: 94/100

Blanche is another favorite for a doll who is naturally proportionate.

  • Height: 166 cm | 5.44ft 65.35 inch
  • Weight: 33 kg | 72.75 lbs.
small skinny

Need something more affordable, check out our recommended lower body sex dolls with the same great quality and realism for a fraction of the cost.

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