Best Tenga Sex Toys : 2022 Reviews

Tenga makes some incredible sex toys for men. Theyre best known for their innovative incredibly detailed textures of their male masturbator toys. Tenga specializes in stroking masturbators at a reasonable cost and has many best selling items, the most popular being the Tenga eggs. Furthermore, the quality of their items is spot on.

Additionally, they originated and are manufactured in Japan where they are the #1 Japanese sex toy for men. Please note, if you are over 7 inches, the Tenga Flip Models may not fit. However, they offer alternatives for the well endowed. Additionally Tenga makes the best selling disposable masturbators (Tenga Eggs) for traveling and for those who don’t like the hassle of cleaning their toys when finished.

Tenga Flip Zero (Best masturbator for average sized and smaller penis)

Rating: 96/100

tenga flip zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is an amazing contraption and one of the best sex toys for men. The internal structure is incredible in feeling and in detail. We love the fact that this opens to clean and dry. Cleaning can take a little longer than an average toy since there is a lot of detailing. However, it is worth it, and seeing that it is clean is relieving. The only other downside of this device is that it does not fit those with an above average penis length or girth. On the bright side, it works wonders on those with a below average penis girth.

tenga flip zero sex toy

The pressure pads on the sides allow you to adjust pressure around your penis while having something rigid to hold on to. The case fits well in both large and big hands and allows a firm grip without squeezing your cock. Furthermore, unlike the Tenga Eggs, the Tenga Flip series is built to last. These things can last years. One great feature is the air valve. Unlike many other strokers, this valve lets air out so your dick can go in easier and so the air doesn’t have to go splurging out the Flip’s entrance. This helps keep lube in and since it is a one way valve, the pressure can be released quickly when your dick is all the way in. As a result, this creates a larger suction effect than with competitors models.

male masturbator sex toy flip zero

The Flip Zero is an upgraded design of the Tenga Flip Hole men’s sex toy. The biggest changes are the pressure pad design and internal texture changes to give even more sensation while using. Furthermore, the design is sealed to create a vacuum effect and keep the lube inside. Using this device is easy. Simply open up the unit and lube it up.

We highly recommend Tenga’s lube but there is also nothing wrong with using your own water based lube. The main reasons we love Tenga’s line of lubes is that the are top of the line in quality and performance. Furthermore, they offer different types with different effects. We will discuss this more later. Additionally, we recommend running the Flip Zero under hot water for about one minute to warm it up prior to applying lube. Furthermore, wait for a couple minutes for the lube to warm up. A nice warm Tenga masturbator makes a world of difference in your experience.

Tenga Easy Beat Eggs (Best One-Time Use Masturbator for sensitivity)

Rating: 94/100

tenga eggs

These things are amazing male masturbation toys. These eggs seem small but pack a big punch and truly are a one size fits all. Tenga eggs are intended for one time use; no more cleaning toys. However, some people clean Tenga eggs and reuse them a few times to get the best bang for your buck. To clean them, they can simply be flipped inside out. The number of quality uses is between 5 and 10 for most people. It really depends how hard you are on it, how careful you are cleaning it, and the texture of the egg. There is a variety to of unique textures of Tenga eggs to try, all of which are amazing. The most popular are Wavy and Misty. These eggs create strong sensations around your cock. If strong sensations are what you are desiring, give these a try.

We highly recommend the Easy Beat Egg 6 pack to try them out. Once you have established your preferences, they can be bought individually. Tenga also makes a Hard Boiled 6 pack version with 6 additional textures. Additionally, due to their one-time use, these are great for traveling, as they are very compact and discreet. Each egg even includes a small pack of lubricant. Furthermore, the material used in Tenga Eggs is TPE and very lifelike. It is very elastic to stretch around dicks of all sizes.

tenga eggs
Easy Beat Eggs
tenga hard boiled  eggs
Hard Boiled Eggs

Easy Beat 6-Pack

Hard Boiled 6-Pack

Tenga Spinner Stroker (Best Naturally Spinning Stroker)

Rating: 95/100

Tenga tetra spinner manual masturbator

The Tenga Spinner is innovative in that there is a built in inner coil that makes the stroker spin as you are stroking. This obviously has a positive sensational effect that will leave you craving for more. Similarly, they do have more, currently the spinner product line has 6 different textures. The material is of great in quality, made in Japan, and is reusable. Additionally, the price point is outstanding for its pleasuring ability and is a great addition to any mans stroker collection. Its quite the different experience and in a very good way.

tenga spinner

Flip Hole

Rating: 95/100

flip hole pocket pussy

Very similar to the Tenga Flip Zero, the Tenga Flip Hole is a little similar device. Pressure is controlled using the 3 buttons on the case. The pleasure factor is slightly less in our opinion then the Flip Zero but at the lower price point we believe it wins in value. The differences in performance are minimal and some users still prefer the Flip Hole over the Flip Zero. If it were up to me, I would probably buy the Flip Hole over the Flip Zero and spend the money I saved on a Tenga Egg and Tenga Cup. Lastly, like other Tenga Flip models, those with an above average penis will not fit as desired or at all.

best tenga flip hole male masturbator

Tenga Vacuum Cup

Rating: 94/100

Deep throat stroker male masturbator

The Tenga Cups are an original sex toy that can still compete in today’s competitive sex toy market. Designed to be a one-time use disposable and recyclable toy, the Tenga Cup simulates fellatio in spectacular fashion. More importantly, it packs all the great aspects you would expect from a Tenga toy. The textures are complex and very stimulating. Additionally, the suction is amazing and can be controlled by an air hole on the top for a better controlled blowjob experience. This is initially covered with a sticker. Alternatively, you can control this Tenga masturbator with a finger, this allows you to control the pressure on the go. Furthermore, the hourglass shape of the pliable case not only provides an accommodating grip, but it also allows you to squeeze it with ease to add additional pressure on your cock. This simple contraption gives you much control on feel and performance.

All and all this is a great toy, in our opinion, it isn’t as good as the flip series. However, if you hate cleaning toys or need something discreet for traveling this is a great alternative. Additionally, the Tenga Cup comes in two sizes, the regular size accommodates a normal size and smaller penis. The Ultrasize accommodates an above average size penis. The interior is made of TPE and comes pre-lubricated and ready for use.

Male Masturbator

Tenga Cup Original (For average size and under penis size)

Tenga Cup Ultrasize (For above average penis size)

Flip Zero Electric

Rating: 95/100

Flip Zero Electric

The Tenga Flip Zero Electric is identical to the Tenga Zero with the addition of two well placed vibrators within the device. You get all the great perks of the Tenga Flip models (opens for easy cleaning, drying, and outstanding texture). Additionally, the vibrators have 5 distinct patterns that are adjusted for sensitivity. The device is USB rechargeable for hassle-free battery use. Tenga Flip Zero is not recommended for those of over average size, it works but you may struggle. On the other hand, for those of average size or smaller, this works amazingly well. Lastly, the quality is superb and is made in Japan.

3D Spiral Stroker

Rating 94/100

Tenga 3d Spiral

Overall the 3d Spiral Stroker is amazing. This stroker can flip inside out and be used both ways. The picture shown is what would preferably be inside rubbing all its soft bristles against your hard cock. Additionally, the other option is to use the smooth side, this lacks all the texture and strong sensations of the spiraled side, but, is ok to use, I wasn’t really into it. Furthermore, the fact that it flips inside out makes it incredibly easy to clean when compared to standard pocket pussy’s. It also dries much faster and you can see that it has been thoroughly cleaned. More importantly, this Tenga masturbator has a closed end for the benefit of suction. Now imagine this spiraling up and down your cock coupled with a suctions sensation. Yeah, it doesn’t take long to cum all inside this sleeve and leave you in a state of orgasmic shock.

Hole Lotion

Rating 97/100

Lube Lotion

The lotion by Tenga is excellent. Almost all their toys come with a sample, so there is no need to buy immediately. What we like is that Tenga understands that not everyone likes the same thickness of lubricant and that the thickness desired depends on the masturbator being used.

The Real (red bottle) is the go to, this is the most desired thickness for most case. But, it is nice to mix it up a bit, a change in lubricant can change the experience and give you some much needed variation to your masturbator. Our preference is the thicker lotions for stroking at slower speeds and the thinnest when you are trying to break the world record. All are water based. Furthermore, Tenga lotion isn’t required for your Tenga toy, any quality water based lubricant will do. Our suggestion is to try the sample from your next Tenga toy to your current lubricant and decide from there.

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