Best Vibrating Male Masturbator: 2022 Reviews

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential (Best Overall Vibrating Manual Stroker) (Best Toy for Erectile Disfunction/Flaccid Use)

Rating: 96/100

hot octopuss duo vibrating male masturbator

This thing is the real deal. Vibrating toys don’t really do it for me but this brings something incredibly different to the table. Instead of traditional vibrations, the Pulse Solo uses PulsePlate technology to stimulate the penis. You can use it flaccid or erect, making it a great tool for erectile disfunction. This is due to the winged design that requires no force to put your penis in it. The winged design also holds the device in place when you have an erection for some hand free enjoyment. The Pulse Solo can be thrusted manually if desired. It has plenty of options with its 8 frequencies and 5 different patterns. It is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

The winged design has one more benefit, the open design makes this one of the easiest and quickest toys to clean, simply run under the faucet with a little soap and let it dry which also is quick.

Max 2 by Lovense

Rating: 96/100

max 2 lovense best vibrating male masturbator bluetooth

Lovense toys, do not disappoint. The Max 2 is no different. It comes with all the bells and whistles controlled by the Lovense App. Everything is controlled by Bluetooth from your phone. Better yet, vibration patterns are endless and can even sync to music. One feature that stands out that ensures optimum performance is the contractions, these have three intensity settings and are a stimulating feature that simulates the real thing. There is no auto stroking like some other models but the contractions, vibrations, and price make this toy desirable. Furthermore, there are different textures within the Max 2 for multiple sensations. The Max 2 also has the vacuum effect if desired by adjusting the air valve on the back of the device. Additionally, controlling from your phone allows for discreet usage in public. Furthermore, your partner can take over the controls through the app from anywhere around the globe. Additionally, it charges via USB magnetically and has over two hours of battery life. Also it is fully waterproof and backed by a one year warranty.

Tenga Flip Zero Electric Vibrating Male Masturbator

Rating: 93/100

Tenga flip zero electric male masturbator usb rechargeable

The Tenga Flip Zero Electric is identical to the Tenga Zero with the addition of two well placed vibrators within the device. You get all the great perks of the Tenga Flip models (opens for easy cleaning, drying, and outstanding texture). Additionally, the vibrators have 5 distinct patterns that are adjusted for sensitivity. The device is USB rechargeable for hassle-free battery use. Tenga Flip Zero is not recommended for those of over average size, it works but you may struggle. On the other hand, for those of average size or smaller, this works amazingly well. Lastly, the quality is superb and is made in Japan.

Titan by Kiiroo

Rating: 95/100

The Titan is a good option for a male interactive device on a budget. This device is technically a manual stroker but has vibrating features that use (9) internal bullets that are interactive with your partners device or compatible video. What’s great about the vibratory function is that you can control zones of the vibrations on certain areas or patterns to mimic movement. The Titan has (3) different sleeves for your preferred fit.

Titan by kiirro stroker bluetooth interactive videos
  • Connects to your partners Kiiroo toy
  • Interfaces 3D/VR interactive videos
  • Syncs to 2D videos
  • Connects to interactive webcam performers

Vibro Lady by Fleshlight

Rating: 88/100

Yes, Fleshlight does make make a vibrating version of the Fleshlight, need I say more. With (3) bullets that give an extra twist to an already amazing device. This is a Winner. This vibrating male masturbator is also available with an asshole with the same texture. The downside is the batteries are not rechargeable and the vibrating speed is non adjustable.

vibro lady fleshlight vibrating pocket pussy sex toy

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